tisdag 23 oktober 2012

children book style

 Right now I am developing a children book style for school that I am going to use in a flash course(30 second flash) and some other more courses.my original style dose not work  for children s book so I am right now experimenting and testing different styles. This is what I have come up whit so far and I am pleased whit it :)(on the top and under this text).
Very simple pictures whit warm colors, and feels a bit  sketchy. I tried different textures in the picture at over this text. 

~going to keep working on this, bye all 

söndag 16 september 2012

Hi There

Hi there everyone as you can see I am not as active as I used to be on my blog(sorry for that) I have started be more active on my Deviant art and my tumblr (you can find them under links on my blog here) and sometimes I live stream too :)  so if you want to know what I am up too make sure to check it out there.

I have been baking cookies :D(long time ago since I baked the last time xD ) here is a picture :
Hope you all is feeling good ,see you :) .

fredag 10 augusti 2012

Live steam

I have started live steaming :D!!
 ( for you that don´t know what live steaming is :I am recording live when I draw in Photoshop so I am drawing live and you can see it, you can also comment in the comment text bar.)

I am going to be online at 19:00 / 7 pm today at my live steam , here is the link if you want to watch me:
Right now at least for a week I am going live steaming every day at the night around 19:00 / 7 Pm to 21:00/ 9 Pm ,and what I am drawing is comic pages and illustrations.
I hope I see you all there sometime :) .

torsdag 2 augusti 2012

The way of the Samurai

I have started a small comic named"The way of the Samurai"it´s all in color and you read from the left to the right, the 8/9 pages are going to be finished this years but I want to say that it will end whit a "To be continue.." it end like this because it just a intro to a much bigger comic I hope to draw more of it next year :) .
you can read the first page here http://blueumi.deviantart.com/#/d59nx16
I will make sure to put link there too when the other pages are done.

fredag 27 juli 2012

I have started to read about old Japanese culture, in other words reading about the Samurais I find it a lot inspiring the text and the pictures. That is why I have started draw more Japanese-ish- art recently I am thinking of making a comic of the Japanese culture too, well we will see :).
here is some pictures I have made so far:

I am working on one more picture right now ,  it will be done soon I really want to improve my illustrations whit more backgrounds and nice coloring. 

fredag 8 juni 2012


I have created a tumblr right now if you want to check it out here it is :)
I will show pictures and write more often on my tumblr comparing to my blog( I will still write about two or three entries here every month thou so you know.) .

söndag 27 maj 2012

Strips Tottes fantasi varld

I am working on Strips for school right now,15 of them, they are all going to be in Swedish and are in color and black and white. It is a smaller childish fantasy world that has the title Tottes fantasi värld.

Here is two of them I am done whit:

I am not sure if I will upload the rest, I might do it on my tumbler this summer ^_^ .

Strips Tottes fantasi varld(c)BlueUmi/Bluepanda1

onsdag 16 maj 2012

The Hospitlal magazine done

The illustrations and the text to the hospital magazine is done you can read it here:

The text is about what have happened before The Hospital comic starts, the relationship whit Jennifer, Maya and Sam, enjoy you reading and look at the pictures.
I am also soon starting on my cute child comedy strips the name is Lille Moas fantasi värld
(Swedish title for a comic in Swedish) , I will post some of them when I am done in black and white and also in color so stay tuned!

(p.s I will polish the the Hospital magazine pictures later on.)

lördag 5 maj 2012

The Hospital magazine

I am currently working on a smaller magazine  that is going to contain information, background on impotent stuff to the Hospital comic, I will post the pages at my Deviant art when I am done :).
I created a world when I did the Hospital comic, to make it feel more believable so it would be a shame not to share information about this world, so that is why I am doing the magazine about the Hospital .

Here is my deviantart http://blueumi.deviantart.com/

tisdag 1 maj 2012


Back from Dinocon! :D

I have been selling fanzine and prints whit the artist MaruiTenshi
( her Deviant art here http://maruitenshi.deviantart.com/ )
It was fun to sell, everyone was very nice too :) .

I have also finished the bigger project I have been working on so hopefully I will be able to write here more often.


onsdag 18 april 2012

more of the hospital

I am sorry I have so much to do i had forgot about this blog, well I would like to say that all the pages from the hospital comic is done now, working on putting it in a fanzie that is going to be on sale at Dinocon and a Stockholm international comic festival(know as SPX)  the fanzine is going to be 32 pages long and the price is going to be 20 kr, I will also be selling the manga hunt 12 pages fanzine  for 10 kr and give away one 47 pages and one 58 pages fanzine for free!!!
( by the way I will post the first 5 pages of the Hospital soon at my Deviant art here:
http://blueumi.deviantart.com/  )

I am sort of finishing of everything which feels very nice , to end a chapter and then I will take a little break and start working on my next ideas :) .

måndag 26 mars 2012

Horror pictures

I am now currently working on sea Horror picture fro the next school exhibition, I have done two out of three pictures so I am nearly done and if I get time over before deadline I will draw a little bit more at the pictures
( I always find it hard to finish a drawing).
they are done in black and white and i am drawing on a A3 paper, but because of this exhibition it made a little more delay on The Hospital comic, I have inked 16 of 21 pages but when I am done shit the horror pictures I will start laying my energy and focus on the hospital comic :D .

fredag 16 mars 2012

many things at once

I am working on many different things right now so this blog entry will contain different art stuff.

1. I am working on pictures in black and white for the school next exhibition,  the theme is Horror.

2. I have inked around 13 pages of 21 of The Hospital comic.

3. I have finally stapled and fixed The manga hunt fanzine.

onsdag 7 mars 2012

The Hospital inking

I have stared to inking the Hospital pages now, so far 5 out of 21 one is done, I hope to be finished whit all pages in the end of the moth. I have choose to do more background in this comic then I used to and not to use to many emotionally effect in panels. This is a picture of Maya(Mia in Swedish) mom , her mom is a very young parent around 20-25 years old.But she is a big side kick , if feel very inspired of her , because how her stressful life is, the bad economy but she still mange to get time whit her doter.

The Hospital© Bluepanda1

tisdag 28 februari 2012

realism exhibition

Finally everything is done for the exhibition that is in Gävle högskola in Galleri 31. This is a realism exhibition, done in black and white whit ink and pencils.
All the credits goes to my class and me.

lördag 25 februari 2012

The fanzie

I am sorry that it´s been so long ago since I wrote here , let´s just say that I been busy whit school work, and still am but it´s a little less school work now. I have started  sketch up the pages for my manga The hospital, it ended at 21 pages so their is a lot to do, I have printed my 12 pages fanzine now
I am going to fix the back now so it´s done, it will be on sale at DinoCon it is a smaller convent in Västerås( more info here in Swedish)http://dinocon.se/?page_id=26
I am also giving away my old fanzien I have made , of my old mangas  ( more info about them here)

And I have as the rest of my class done realism drawings for an exhibition next week on Monday , It will be in Gävle Högskola in the Gallery room, I don´t have more ifo about that thou but on Monday/ after Monday I promise to post some more info of the exhibition.

måndag 6 februari 2012

The Hospital- coming togheter

worked and working actively on the Hospital manga , and it´s coming together nicely( I feel like i could do 40 pages of it because of all the back story and Mias life).  I usually draw and make the Manuel script at the same time, but when I do that the story do not feel connected and deep,whit just doing the script first(as I do now) I feel much more depth end it feels believable , I am punting my time, heart and soul in it.
the script is not entirely done but I think the comic is going to be around 11-12 pages long at least.
I have a small color sketch of Mia at my devaintart here : http://blueumi.deviantart.com/#/d4orn71
(I am having a little problem whit uploading picture at my blog, I do apologize and hope to fix it soon.)

Here is some small info about Mia:
"main character Mia, she is a ten year old girl that have a kidney disease she was born whit , bad kidneys and what you have that your blood don´t get clean correctly so you have often go to hospitals and clean the blood.

of course you don´t need to go to the hospital often if you get new kidneys but unfortunately Mias only mother that is taking care of her have not money enough to afford the surgery."

fredag 27 januari 2012

A new fanzin

I don´t have any more information about my new manga the Hospital( sorry),  But I am currently working on a new fanzin, a smaller fanzi thats is a comedy, and it is going to be cheap( runt 10-12 kr) I am not sure if I am going to sell it outside Sweden but if that happens I let you know.

is´a smaller comic named The manga hunt, it´s on English, you read it to the left to the right
some more small info here http://blueumi.deviantart.com/#/d4n5f9z

tisdag 17 januari 2012

A new start!

As you all know I am constantly working on my web manga  LOVE IS..

But now when it´s a new year I made up my mind to start working on a new project :D
It is only a short comic, 8 paged long drama/comedy comic named THE  HOSPITAL.
Going to be in black and white whit some screen toned and you are going to read it left to the right, my goal is to finish this comic in the end February or in March .
here is a small picture on the face of the main charter
It is a female charterer and her name is Mia. She is just a little girl in the age of six, that all information I have right now on the comic .

Bye ^^

fredag 6 januari 2012

Work and ice cream

First entry this year, hope you all have a good year so far :)
What am I doing now :Finishing one big school project, finishing an other manga , starting a new one , drawing on the web manga, and drawing illustrations, yeah many things to do in the air, can´t show you all yet, not even a sneak peek I am very sorry , but things are going on and I will show it when it´s ready on the blog here .

Today I have made my very first ice cream , turn out pretty nice, melted a bit and its a small portion but it was good, nowadays there is product for almost everything, The soda stream is so nice you can make your own mineral water, whit or whiteout different flavors.Works well in Sweden because we have such nice water it´s a shame that people still buy mineral water in bottles,but we all have our reasons.

And one last ting here is a picture of the ice cream :)