måndag 27 december 2010


 The wish is the second comic I started after the dog comic was finnished. but menwhile i drew the wish, I also drew a comic calld growing, So i sort of workd with two prodject at the same time.

Anyway, The wish is a drama comedy, its 43 pages long (my longest novel comic yet !) and you read it from the right to the left. From the beginning I wanted it to be a very realistic and that you can reconise yourself in theese inveiorments, but it sort of fliped out in the beginning XD, but it gets more serious the longer you read.
THE WISH©Bluepanda/blueumi

 at my deviantrat http://www.blueumi.deviantart.com/   

tisdag 14 december 2010


I have putten up my art movie "Conflict",
Its a father-mother-child conflict.
I made all the pictuers, the story and the clipping(in moviemaker) but the Music is Craeted by the talented Thomas Newman!

You can watch it on youtube, and soon my deviantart

tisdag 7 december 2010


 Thougt that I might tell you about my diffrent comics I have made so far.
The dog comic was my fisrt one I complete fininshed whit Raster and manuel skript!
The comic where basically made for the swedish manga cmopution "Mangatalangen"  in the year 2009.
unforently the compution was closed down becue to less people dident send therire comics in.

The comic is about this boy called Max and he has hes birthday, as a present he gets a dog. Wishs he dislikes very much, and stuff happens with this dog. The comic is 15 pages long and it's a manga comedy.           Enjoy your reading! ^^

THE DOG©Bluepanda/Blueumi



söndag 5 december 2010

First Blog

I created a blog at last, I have tought of it some time now  :)  .
I dicede to write in english becuse its a more poupular languge then Swedish ^-^ , But I shall warn you my english isen`t perfect so there might come some misspelling and strange grammar. Well I am a Swedish Manga artist and call myself Bluepanda, becuse Panda is my favourit animal and Blue is my favourit couler(very simpel !)
I will probebly upplode comics news and so on here but some other things might slip up here too.